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general FAQ

Check out the product specifications on each product page to see what is included in the price. Look for the icon below next to the listed price for items that include printed graphics.
price includes graphics icon  

The product-specific downloads are available through the instructions & graphic templates tab on each product page. The instruction sheets can also be found on the instructions and videos page.

Nimlok Online does not charge handling fees. The cost of shipping will be determined during checkout. Illinois State Tax will apply to orders shipping to Illinois. Design service fees are only added to the order if design services are requested during checkout. There are no hidden fees.

We do not have replacement graphics available for sale online. Please call a Nimlok Online representative at 877-964-6565 or email to place your order!

We do not have product hardware only available for sale online. Please call a Nimlok Online representative at 877-964-6565 or email to place your order!

Your local Nimlok Distributor has the expertise to assist with and produce custom displays. If you are not sure who your local Nimlok Distributor is, enter your zip code in the Nimlok Partner Finder to find their contact information. Custom solutions are not available to order online.

It is important to know the size of your booth space while shopping for a display. Nimlok Online makes it easy to shop by both the type of display (such as tension fabric displays, display panels or table throws) as well as the size (tabletop, 8ft, 10ft or 20ft displays). Take into consideration your budget, how often you will be setting up and breaking down, and how much traveling you will be doing with the display. All of these factors will help determine which solution is best for you. A Nimlok Online representative would love to help! Call us at 877-964-6565 or email

Upon order submission, a soft charge is placed on your credit card. We do not charge your card until the date the order ships. Shortly after the ship date, a Nimlok Online representative will email the final invoice.

Nimlok Online has many retractable banner stands to choose from! All of our retractable stands, except the Rollup 06, come with a lifetime warranty. They are durable, attractive, and high quality. Some banner stands are packed with features such as a telescopic pole, external graphic tensioner, or removable graphic cassette. We also offer stands with standard features to give you the same quality and dependability at a lower price. You can also shop for your perfect stand based on the desired graphic height and width. Use our banner stand finder in the banner stand displays section or call a Nimlok Representative to find the right banner stand for you!

The Rollup 02 pole is adjustable allowing you to display your graphic at any height between 29.5” and 83.35”h. The telescopic pole makes it possible to use the Rollup 02 at a smaller height as a tabletop unit for one show, and a full-height floor model at the next.

The smart banner with removable cassette makes it super easy to switch out graphics. When the time comes to change your message and install a new graphic in your existing smart banner, simply take out the old cassette, order a new cassette with graphic, and pop it in the existing base.

These are two of our most popular back wall displays. Both utilize a similar expandable pop up frame and are available in tabletop, 8ft and 10ft sizes.

Compact Pop-up displays come with UV-printed 22mil PVC rollable, plastic graphic panels. The panels attach to the frame with magnets. The graphics must be removed before break down and storage. Velcro-receptive, carpet-like fabric panels are available instead of graphics.

Compact Image displays have one dye-sublimation printed stretchy fabric graphic. The fabric graphic is attached to the frame with Velcro. The Compact Image ships and stores with the fabric graphic attached to the frame making set up and break down quick and easy.

The MCWCN is offered as an upgrade to the XCASE on some of our back wall displays. They are both hard-molded shipping and storage cases with the ability to convert to a counter or podium with the use of a graphic or fabric wrap. The MCWCN is larger, more durable, and converts to a true counter. The counter conversion kits for the MCWCN include top and bottom formers to transform the case to a counter.

We offer 11 attractive table cover colors with 21 vinyl color options for imprinted table covers. The supplied logo must be a simple vector file with a maximum of 2 colors. The logo is applied with a vinyl heat press.

Our custom covers are printed using a direct-to-fabric dye-sublimation printing process. The 4oz polyester material starts out white and we can print anything, anywhere on the cover. This printing process allows us to match PMS colors. There are no limitations on the number of colors, type of logo, or number of logos we can print on a custom printed cover.

Any halogen light 50 watts or less is approved for use at Las Vegas tradeshows. Our L10 120watt floodlights are not Las Vegas approved. Upgrade to the L10 LED in black or silver for a Las Vegas Approved floodlight option.

graphics FAQ

Upon submitting an order, you will be prompted with our artwork uploading tool. A valid order number is required to submit artwork. This tool is accessible anytime on the artwork guidelines page. If artwork is not uploaded directly after placing an order, the estimated ship date may be pushed back. A full step-by-step guideline is available on the Artwork Guidelines page.

Each product page contains an “instructions & graphic templates” tab containing the graphic template. All of our graphic templates can also be located on the Artwork Guidelines page.

The lead time for each product is listed under the “product specifications” tab. If print-ready artwork is not uploaded directly after submitting the order, the lead time may increase. Other factors that may cause the lead time to increase include large quantities, late proof approval, if graphic design services are requested, problems with artwork and hardcopy proofs.

With every graphics order, an electronic proof will be sent within 24-48 hours after art and order submission. If we notice any issues with the artwork such as low resolution, missing fonts or sizing issues you will be notified to correct the issue. This may push back the estimated ship date. Electronic jpg proofs are sent for layout purposes only. These are not representative of color output or resolution. We do not proceed with production until your final approval is received.

Nimlok Online strongly suggests that you receive hard copy proofs if color matches are critical. Hard copy proofs consist of a printed color layout and magnification test of the art file on the same material as the final product. These are used for client review of layout, color and resolution. Hard copy proofs are only sent if requested and will add a flat $44.00 fee and at least 2 days to the turn time of your order. The fee includes free priority overnight shipping.

A check box to request hard copy proofs is located on the shopping cart page of checkout. If this box is checked, you will be given the opportunity to provide a separate shipping address where the hard copy proofs will be sent. A $44 fee will be added to your order.

This is a printed area that goes beyond the visual graphic space. Typically this part of the graphic is trimmed, hemmed or not viewable when the display is set-up. Bleeding artwork beyond the graphic visual area ensures that there are no unprinted edges. Please see the corresponding graphic template for any specific bleed requirements.

A Pantone color is a patented printing ink color matching system involving a range of over 3,000+ stock colors. All pantone color mixes are derived from 18 base colors. This system allows designers to color match specific colors when a design enters production stage. It is widely adopted by graphic designers, reproduction and printing houses. Calling out a pantone color helps to standardize colors in the CMYK printing process since CMYK color output tends to vary from printer to printer.

Pantone colors or client supplied graphics such as brochures, business cards or previously printed graphics must be sent in to guarantee color output. All files that require color matching must be editable layered files. We must also receive all of the support artwork (linked images and fonts) in case extensive color adjustments must be made. Nimlok Online strongly suggests that you receive hard copy proofs of your artwork if color matches are critical.

Yes, please make sure all images are 200-240 PPI if sending your art at 1/2 scale, 400-480 PPI if sending art at 1/4 scale, to ensure high resolution output.

We prefer to receive print-ready files placed in our templates. This ensures that all dimensions are correct and that all bleeds and obstructions have been taken into account.

  • Outlining fonts in Illustrator: Select all type, go to the type menu and select Create Outlines or type “shift command O”
  • Outlining fonts in InDesign: Select all type, go to the type menu and select Create Outlines or type “shift command O”

Nimlok Online suggests that all image files be sent at a resolution of 100 - 120 PPI at 100% print size for a crisper, clearer image output.

Dye-sublimation printing uses dispersed dye inks that are heated once printed or transferred to a fabric material. Heating the inks ensures proper ink bond to the material being printed on. This type of printing process is mainly used for Compact Image graphics as well as premium dye sublimation fabric banner graphics.

Solvent printing uses inks that are made up of solvent, pigment and resin which helps the pigment stick to the substrate. These inks are very durable and scratch resistant. This type of printing is used on our standard anti-curl vinyl banner material.

UV printing cures the ink to the material that is being printed on with ultraviolet lights. This process creates a very durable and scratch resistant print. This type of printing is used on our Compact Pop-up mural graphics and supreme polyester film with gloss finish banner graphics.

DPI = Dots per inch: used when referring to the resolution of a printed graphic or printer output.

PPI = Pixels per Inch: used when referring to the resolution of an image on screen.

We prefer to receive all files as high resolution PDFs, AI, EPS, JPG, TIFF or PSD. We can receive INDD files but they are not preferred.

Low resolution PDFs, Corel Draw, Word, MSPaint, Excel, Powerpoint, Publisher, Keynote or Quark

Contact a Nimlok Online sales representative before placing your order for rush order options at 877-964-6565 or email us at

graphic design services FAQ

Nimlok Online graphic design service rates are $75 per hour. An estimated 3 hours of design time will be added to your order. The final amount of design time will be determined when the process is complete, and the order will be adjusted accordingly.

Within 24 hours of placing your order, a graphic designer will contact you to discuss the design of your display graphics.

The prices listed on the website are assuming print-ready artwork is set up to the specifications in our graphic templates. If you do not have the ability to supply print-ready files or would like some help from a professional updating your current design, graphic design services could be beneficial to you.

  • Logos: vector format
  • Images: high res tif files
  • Fonts: all fonts supplied must be a MAC compatible format such as TTF (TrueType Font). We cannot accept Windows or PC fonts
  • Native files

After you submit the order and receive a valid order number, you can upload files to our FTP site using the uploading tool. Please note, a valid order number is required to upload.

Yes. Adding design time to the order will push back the ship date at least 2 days.

No. After submitting the order, a Nimlok Online representative will add an estimated 3 hours of design time to the order. We will email you a revised copy of the order confirmation with the new estimated total.

We will be able to recreate your logo in vector format depending on the complexity and resolution of your existing logo. Design time will be adjusted to reflect this service.